Second Wave Lineup Released

July 02, 2018 7:40 PM
More incredible live acts? I can’t believe it badgers! Tell us more I hear you say.
Yep! Nope - we can scarcely believe it either, but here they are:

Andy Quick Music, Mike Dennis, Excellent Skeleton, Skin, David Spivack, Psycho-Acoustic Goat, and Dusk Brothers have all joined the Badgerfest lineup.

Check out what our new president, Chef-Badger, has to say about them...


A soul-punch of indie rock’n’roll electro blues.

Andy Quick, an accomplished and multi-talented songwriter from Plymouth (although he sounds a bit northern – I’ll have to ask him about that…), after achieving great success and acclaim with his band Land of the Giants, set off a couple of years ago on this new project and has received plaudits from all corners, gaining regular radioplay on BBC 6Music.
"You can hear the passion in every single song. Perfect Summer Vibes"

Listen to Andy Quick Music on Bandcamp

For Andy Quick Music's official Bandcamp page, click here.

Andy Quick Music will play the Badgerfest Main Stage on Friday night.


If you’ve never seen a classically trained violinist perform as a one-man band, using a loop-pedal, percussion, samples and rapping… then you’ve never seen Mike Dennis. Effortless, engaging and earnest, Mike tells stories through his rhymes, honest and relatable, and decorates the whole piece with beautiful soaring violin parts and heavy evil cello basslines (violin through an octave pedal for those that wondered).

I can’t even begin to do him justice. Genuinely unique. You’ll love it!

Chef recommends… Check out his big ones ‘Men with Guns’ and ‘Stuff’ 

“I love Bristol so much, they should put me on the tourist board!”

Mike Dennis will headline the Lost Child of Passion stage on Saturday night.

Mike Dennis


What can I tell you about Spiv?! One of the most talented musicians you could ever hope to see. He can play everything, guitar, drums, keys, violin, saxophone, trumpet… (did I miss any?)

Those of you who were at Badgerfest 2016 would have seen Spiv play with his band Solus, playing hammond organ, guitar, and perhaps most impressively, two saxophones simultaneously. Carla and I were lucky enough to see Spiv play a rare solo gig earlier this year, simply singing and playing acoustic guitar. It was magic. Bumbling and beautiful in equal measure, and the nicest guy you could hope to meet, Spiv’s solo set conveyed all of his personality while taking you on a journey of stories from his own life, as well as a smattering of classics from the likes of Neil Young. (I really hope he plays Heart of Gold again at Badgerfest).


There’s no links, or bio or promo. He’s not that sort of dude. I’ll try to find a picture of him! X

David Spivack will be performing on the Lost Child of Passion stage on Saturday.

Spiv meme


Psycho-Acoustic Goat is the creation of Marcus Gee, indisputably one of the greatest bass players in the city of Bristol right now, formerly of Shambolique fame, and currently also playing with Mammoth Toe. They played at Isle of Wight festival last week. A two-piece consisting of Acoustic Bass, Violin and Vocals. Marcus ‘mumbles and grumbles’ and uses percussive acoustic guitar techniques to create an intensity in the sound that you can’t help but dance to whilst Jade Morris provides the high end ‘plucks, squeaks and squeals’ on the violin. Inspired by the thoughts and movements of Gnarly Goats worldwide!

Psycho-Acoustic Goat will play the Lost Child of Passion stage on Saturday.


When Andy Warhol was asked what he thought about it-girl Edie Sedgwick, he replied “I think she'd make an ... EXCELLENT SKELETON.”

The ‘Skellies hail from Cardiff, South Wales.

An alternative rock band, with gritty melodic tunes & thought-provoking lyrics, their live performance possesses a unique intensity. Formed in the summer of 2016. Recorded and released their 10 track, self-titled album in May 2017. Their sound is unmistakably influenced by the likes of  Husker Du, Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr, REM, Joy Division.

Listen. Engage. Shake. Shake.

Excellent Skeleton will play the Badgerfest main stage on Friday.

Excellent Skeleton


"Massive riffs, monumental choruses, ferocious vocals- the potential to be just as important as Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana"
This Feeling/Gigslutz

Hailing from Bristol, and only just beyond their teen years, Skin have already played at Reading Festival. Upfront and original but with clear roots back into 90s grunge… THIS BAND IS GREAT!

Skin will open the Badgerfest Main Stage on Saturday at 12noon.


Dusk Brothers play absolutely unique and original low-down swamp blues slide-guitar songs on amazing self-built instruments.

Using custom built guitars, percussive stomp-boxes with foot operated cymbals, various bits of percussion made from old oil cans etc, and valve guitar amps built from scratch in their own workshop, combined with vocal harmonies and blues harp, the brothers are two one-man-bands playing simultaneously to make an incredibly huge sound for only two men.

Check out this track, recorded at their suitably dark and dank practice studio, on a recent rum-fuelled night in Bristol. Different to anything else at Badgerfest. If you like your rock filthy-dirty-blues-stomp then these are the band for you.

Dusk Brothers will play the Lost Child of Passion Stage on Saturday

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